Jan 19, 2009

Princess Style Floating Braid With Video

My mom taught me how to do this braid when I was a little girl. I don't know if it's actually even a real braid or if it has a real name, but I love it nonetheless.
I remember practicing this on my "Corn Silk Cabbage Patch Doll." (Did anyone else have one of those?) Anyway, I've been trying for awhile now to remember how to do it. It finally came back to me!!

*Update: Over the past several years since we posted this hairstyle, this braid has become quite popular (with several different names.) The waterfall braid, fairytale braid and fall through braid! *We have also added several tutorials and variations of this braid through the years to our blog.... you can find those here: Waterfall Braid Hairstyles
princess hairstyle
So yeah, watch the video first. But, this is showing how to secure the first side while you work on the other side.When you have both sides complete, join them together in the back with another elastic. See that ugly poofy section in the back? If you have this problem while trying to join the two braids, just tug on the hair beneath the braid and it should straighten out. (It did for me.) If it still doesn't look right, cover it up with a big flower or bow!!Here's the view from the top.
renaissance braid And the side.medieval hairstyleThe video: I did this assuming you already know how to french braid (not adding in a whole lot of explanation or detail.) It's really not much different from a french braid at all. And yes, my camera cut me off as usual. :(