Jan 16, 2009

3 Fishtail Braids Hairstyle For Girls

Another hairstyle from the summer in the middle of winter! Notice the fun summer dress and the TAN!! (Well, as tan as a fair skinned blue eyed little girl can get.)

Start with a basic low ponytail and do a pull-through. (If you don't know how to do a pull through, look under my "quick search labels" for "videos." You'll find an instructional video there!)

Split the pony into 3 sections and do fish braids in each one. (Or any other type of braid.)
Combine the 3 braids into one at the bottom and make a little loop out of the ends by not pulling the hair all the way through the elastic. Take the braids and push the ends through the hole at the top of the pony and pin with a couple of crossing bobby pins.
I remember my husband saying something about her looking like "Polyanna" at this point. Was that a compliment or an insult?
If you want, add a bow.
See, I told you she was tanish! I can't wait for warm weather again......