Nov 10, 2008

Double Ribbons Hairstyle

You've got to love the fingers in this picture. She really is a princess!!

Start with a part down the middle. Do your elastic braids on both sides of the part, adding in an extra elastic between the sections all the way down. If you wanted to, you could add in more sections, but it's much faster to just add the extra elastics and you get the same look.

I do the elastics with alternating colors to help with the confusion factor later, when I add the ribbons. Some of you smart ones won't need to do this, but it sure helped me!
In this picture you can see there are only four sections on each side, but six elastics. That's what I mean by adding in extra elastics between the sections.Starting at the top, thread your first ribbon through the elastics. (Notice that I only threaded the pink elastics here.)
Now, thread another color of ribbon through the remaining elastics. you'll be left with one strand of each ribbon on each pony at the bottom. I just took them and tied a bow around each pony (with a double knot so they wouldn't come undone.)
This picture makes everything look really crooked. I didn't notice it looking off-centered the day we did this. Just don't worry about making it look perfect, most likely no one will notice but you!Did any of you have those shoes with all the laces....(I think they were called "LA Gear") when you were little? I wanted a pair of those SOOO bad when I was in middle school. My mom told me that shoes weren't worth twice as much just because they had an extra set of laces. She was probably right, but holy cow, I would have had so much fun with those!! I guess I'll just take it out on my daughter's head instead.
P.S. I think this style would be so cute for certain holidays. You could use red and green for Christmas, orange and black for Halloween, red and blue for the 4th etc.