Nov 5, 2008

Split French Braid Headband & Pigtails

I got the bows for this one at Oh So Girly!
Start by parting out the headband and putting the rest in piggies. Do some Inside-out french braids on both sides in the headband and add to the pigs. I was just going to braid the pigs and flip them back up to the piggies. But, my part was crooked and I wanted to hide it. So, I added in a little "Heidi."

Braid your first pig and add to the other piggies elastic.

Do the same thing on the other side. (If your daughter's hair is shorter, stop right here, curl the ends and add some bows.)

This little girls hair is too long for that, so we continued braiding the ends on both sides......

Then, flipped the braids back up through the elastics, leaving some ends out to curl.

Curl the ends, and add your bows.

Be sure to go check out Oh So Girly for some of the cutest bows/best prices around!