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3 Ribbon Braid Buns

Triple Ribbon Buns, A Cute And Easy Hairstyle

Picture tutorial:
Start with 3 low ponytails like this............
Next, I pulled the ribbon through the elastics until both ends were the same length, then used the doubled up ribbon as one of the strands in the braids.
To make the buns, wrap the braid around itself, then use an elastic to go all the way around the bun several times, being sure to catch the ends on top to spike out. Sometimes I use bobby pins to secure the bun, but I have a hard time making these work with ribbon braids. They always get caught in the ribbon and won't go all the way through. The elastic seems to hold them better anyway.

This picture makes the buns look HUGE! They really didn't look this big and strange in real life. (I promise) After the buns were secure, I took some short lengths of ribbon and tied them around the buns into a square knot for the bows. (I trimmed the frayed ends, but of course this was after the pictures, so ignore them.)

See, the buns really aren't THAT big. ha ha

This was actually the style we did on her first day of Kindergarten several months ago. She was so excited to start school, she could hardly stand it! (Too bad the novelty of it all wore of fairly quickly :)

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  1. Way cute, funny, cuz they would look that big and huge on my girls, I have never done a ribbon bun before, one day I will have to try it.. I love it, soooo cute.

  2. Oh my goodness! That is so cute. Wonder if my Alli's hair is long enough for it! I guess we will have to go try it out! Thanks for the cute idea!

  3. These are such fun and creative ways to do hair. I can't wait until Paige's hair is longer, so I can try some of these out. Although it will probably be when she is 5-6 yrs. old, with how slow her hair is growing. UGH!

  4. So cute! Love this! Thanks for another great hair style!

  5. totally cute!!!

    she's a doll!

    thanks for sharing!

  6. SUPER cute! I am trying this tomorrow... THX!

  7. Hey! I love your blog! I will definatly have to try that hair doo!! Here is my hair blog:
    Check it out!

  8. I love this blog! I had so much fun doing my daughters hair...until we cut it short. Now I can't wait to show her this site in the morning and I know she will want her hair to grow super fast now! Great work!!!

  9. i did this one on my d today and she LOVED it thank you!

  10. you are officially my favorite hair blog!

  11. Oh ...super cute!

    And thanks for checking out my VLOG!

  12. That's adorable!

    Ever wonder how you get deemed a spammer? What a pain!

  13. LOve it! The ribbon idea is awesome!

  14. Very sute!

    I've been going into people's spam folders too!

  15. This is so cute! I love it. Would look super cute with pigtails as well. I love doing ribbon in the hair like that!


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