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Twist To The Side Hairstyle

A cute hairstyle, twists to the side!

Start off with a diagonal part. Like this..............
Add two ponies in the front, on both sides of the part. Cross them.........

And, cross them again, making a twist. Make two more ponies, below the first ones, and add the hair from the previous ponies. Continue this all the way to the bottom of the part. (I added a temporary claw clip holding one side while I secured the other side with an elastic each time. Otherwise, it kept moving away from where I wanted it.)

At the bottom, you'll be left with two ponies next to each other. I did a twisting braid in each one, then twisted them together. (BTW, please excuse the mess in the background. My two boys were having a "lego party" while were were "playing princess.")

Wrap the twisted braid into a bun, leaving the ends on the top and secure with bobby pins.

creative hairstyle Spike out the ends with a flattening iron, and spray.

hair style for girls Another side view...............
cute hairstyle for little girls
The top.............elastic hairstyle And, the top/back....................twisty hairstyle

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  1. Wowzers - that looks WAY cool!

  2. I like all the twisting, what a cute idea! I am going to have to try it. I also love the weaving. I haven't gotten around to trying it, but hopefully one of these days. Thanks for all the cool ideas!

  3. Great idea... once again, would of never thought of it. Very cute.

  4. WOW! I need to try that one!!! Here's hopin K has enough hair!!

  5. Hi!I love all your entries and practice it on my own hair;I'm only 12.I was bored one day, so I just made this hairstyle in which you make a french twist on one side,BUT instead of grabbing hair from the side in which the braid is on,you grab hair form the opposite side.It creates a beautiful hairstyle and it works well to tame my short wild hair!

  6. I just wanted to say "thank you" for not taking your labels away. A few of the other hair blogs I read have taken their labels away, & this makes it really difficult for me to refer back to certain hairdos that I've tried & liked, and it also makes it harder to find hairstyles that I'd like to try for the first time (different types of curls, pigtails, buns, ponytails, etc.). Please don't ever remove your labels, because for someone who's as forgetful as I am, I really, really need them. Thanks! :)

  7. That's cool! I did a post that was similar to this a while ago, but not as cool. Thanks for the great ideas!

  8. I just did this for Abby! I LOVED IT! IT WORKED!!!! THANKS SO MUCH!

  9. can u plz do a vibeo for his hair do plz plz plz


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