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Girls Hairstyle, Toothpick Knots

 I don't know the true name of this hairstyle. So, we're going with "Toothpick Knots."

Make the parts for as many knots as you want across the top of her head. Put them in temporary elastics.

Take one of the sections and divide it in two. Tie it in a knot, as shown. But, don't stop here......
Wrap both sides of the ends through the knot two more times..................
Then, pull down tight....
Repeat this for as many knots as you want.

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  1. I have always wondered how to do this. Now I know. I love this blog. Do you mind if I put a link on my website?

  2. WoW! awsome i love this blog!keep doing this blog!

  3. Got tons of comments on my daughter's hair when I did this, even had to take one out to show how it was done! My only question was how to keep them in on shorter or finer hair? They stayed in great while they were wet, but once they dried they kept coming undone, would bobby pins work? And how to place them?

  4. I tried this on my hair today and even tough I've pulled them tight into a low pony, they have raised up and refuse to lay down like hers are. I did it with damp hair and gel. How can I get them to lay flat?

  5. Can you do a video on this hair style? Please and Thank You!!!

  6. Should your hair be wet or damp for this? or does it work better dry?


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