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Greek Goddess Ladder Braid, Wedding and Prom Hairstyles

Greek goddess ladder braid hair tutorial. Wedding and Prom hairstyles.

Today we are sharing a beautiful "Greek Goddess" inspired hairstyle tutorial featuring braids, twists, and curls, creating a lovely Princess Hairstyle!  This would be a pretty hairstyle for weddings, Prom, Homecoming, recitals, school dances, church, communions and other special occasions.

Greek Goddess Ladder Braid, Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

We have combined a lace french braid feathering technique with rope braids (or twist braids) to create the vertical ladder braid on this half up hairstyle. We love how simple and elegant this style turned out.

As mentioned in our video, we used our curling wand to create her loose curls for this hairstyle. Click here for our curling wand tutorial.  You could also crimp or wave your hair if you desire to achieve texture and volume. If you want your style to be more voluminous, you could tease her hair before placing the ladder braid.  A bubble effect between the braids could be achieved by using a rat tail comb as shown in our video tutorial (above.) Bobby pins placed under the twists would help to hold your bubbled hair in place if you decide to go for that look.

Supplies needed to recreate this hairstyle:
  • 1 medium size, clear hair elastic
  • Several clips or hair ties to temporarily section and hold the hair while you are working.
  • Finishing hairspray 
  • Curling wand, crimper, waver, etc. (affiliate)

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