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Twisted Pull Through Braid Hairstyle

Twisted pull-through braid video tutorial

This week we are showing a cute new variation of the trendy "pull-through braid."  I'm guessing most everyone has seen the original pull through braid floating around the internet, as it has become very popular recently in social media.  We love the original braid and decided to add a fun "twist" for a slight change and really like how it turned out. It is funny how just a small change can make a whole new look! You may remember the "reverse pull through braid" we posted last year (which is another variation of this braid.)  The reverse pull-through is one of "the Princess's" all time favorite hairstyles and she wears it often. We are loving the "chunky" and "twisted" look of this new version.

Twisted pull through braid tutorial. (Cute variation of the original braid.)

Twisted pull through braid video tutorial. Hairstyle for school.

We have found that this braid is quite durable and should hold up well for school and even sports.  This braid can be made in a ponytail, (as shown) in a low side braid style, or even as a French/dutch braid.  We usually create this braid on damp hair to help avoid flyaways.  But of course, you can do this on dry hair if you prefer.  You may find that gel, pomade, wax, or other product is helpful.  Or if you are wanting more of a relaxed or messy braid, you don't need to use any product at all.  ;)

Twisted Pull Through Braid Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)

Supplies needed to recreate this braid:
  • 1 hair tie or ponytail holder for the top of the braid.
  • Several small hair elastics (the amount will depend on the length of hair you are working with.)We chose to use Goody colored elastics for our ponytail as a fun accent. And as you can see, the elastics tend to show up much more in this twisted version than in the original braid.  You can use clear elastics, or the same color as your hair for a more subtle look if you desire.
  • Gel, pomade, hair wax, or similar, to help avoid flyaways (optional.)

In case you haven't seen the original pull-through braid, we have several example YouTube tutorials linked below, featuring some of our friends and other lovely hair vloggers:

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