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Back To School Clothes Challenge

Hope you guys don't mind, but we wanted to change things up a bit this week with a fun clothing haul / shopping / fashion video instead of our usual hair stuff. ;) School is going to be starting here soon, so we recently went school shopping. We thought some of you might be interested in seeing what "The Princess" chose for her school clothes this year. After all, we both enjoy watching shopping and haul videos ourselves from time to time! 

We have 3 school age children / teens in our family who all have outgrown most of their clothing and need new outfits for school. So, it is obviously essential for us to set a shopping budget to avoid taking out a second mortgage.  ;)  We decided to make this a fun challenge to see if she could find 5 outfits (including shoes) for a predetermined amount of $175.  "The Princess" hunted and found some good deals and clothes that she loves and actually came in under budget! 

Her new wardrobe includes:  Several pairs of leggings, overalls, classic black pants, a 1 piece jumper / romper, 2 sweaters, 1 long sleeve shirt, and 1 flowy blouse with a matching tank top.  She also found 1 pair of boots, some ballet flats, and some converse shoes.  I think she did well to find a mix of casual clothes along with some nicer outfits.

List of stores we shopped at:

Old Navy
Burlington Coat Factory
TJ Maxx

I'm curious..... Do you have a tradition to go "back to school shopping" each year?  Or do you buy things as you need them (and not all at once?)  Do you wear uniforms at your school? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Hey, loved the outfits...I myself am entering ninth grade, and I have a sister entering 7th...we are starting school tomorrow.
    My mom just usually lets us buy stuff as we need it, even though we live in California and it's usually only somewhere between 40-100 degrees, so I mean, we do need some outfits for warmer days and some for colder days. (Hey, all of California, isn't sunny ;P) However, we did buy some new clothes for the school year (even if I have only grown an inch in the past 3 years..), mostly from where you guys did--Old Navy, Marshalls (not TJ Maxx, but they are pretty much the same..), Gap, and Macys. We didn't really have a budget, but my sis and I probably couldn't have spent more than $300...I think...
    Anyways, I love all of the outfits, even if they aren't really my style...I don't think that I could ever pull it off! Personally, the third outfit (with the flowy top) was my favorite.
    Thanks so much for the fun video, and all of the awesome!

  2. i like the third the best, then the first, then the last one!! :) Overalls and rompers never have been my thing, but The Princess pulls them of!!
    Love this video!


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