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Candy Stripe Waterfall Braid Tutorial

Candy stripe waterfall braid tutorial

A cute and easy waterfall braid!

If you have been following our hairstyle blog or YouTube channel for awhile, you may remember seeing several styles utilizing what we like to call a "candy stripe braid" (which involves simply wrapping ribbon around a strand of hair.) Fairly recently, we decided to try and combine our candy stripe braid with a waterfall braid and the "candy stripe waterfall braid" was born!  We love how this end result turned out.

A few more fun styles using the "candy stripe" method are linked below:

Snowflake Ponytail
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Candy stripe waterfall braid with lace french braid

Of course, there are many different hairstyles that can be created using this fun new braid.  As an example, we have included a picture (above) of the candy stripe waterfall with an added lace french braid underneath. I could also see this braid being used to accent many updos and braided combination hairstyles.  The possibilities are truly endless.

Candy stripe waterfall braid, easy tutorial

If you have trouble with waterfall braids, or braiding in general, this hairstyle is actually very doable... as there really is no intricate "braiding" involved.  If you can form a simple twist, you should be able to master this in no time.  Also, this hairstyle should work with fairly short hair, medium hair, and long hair.  Yay!

As mentioned in our video tutorial (below) we have also shown a different waterfall braid using ribbon previously on our blog called the "waterfall ribbon twist."  This candy stripe waterfall actually ends up looking quite different from the waterfall ribbon twist, even though the concept is similar.  This braid also tends to hold up better for more active days and isn't so fragile, which is always nice.

Supplies needed to recreate this braid:
  • A piece of ribbon, yarn, lace, string, etc. The ribbon we used is 1/4 inch thick and approximately 2 feet long.
  • 2 small elastics (one for the top of the braid, and one for the bottom.
  • Hairspray, pomade, or gel (optional)

Candy Stripe Waterfall Braid Video Tutorial:  Click here to watch the tutorial directly on YouTube.

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  1. easiest and prettiest hairstyle

  2. Hi,
    I am from India and a regular viewer of your uploads. I really appreciate your talent and creativity. I have tried most of your hairstyles on my daughter. They are really classic.


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