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Woven Twist Ponytail Tutorial

Woven twist ponytail video tutorial

A cute woven ponytail hairstyle.

Our tutorial this week is basically a simplified version of a style we posted back in 2011 (4 years ago!) which we called the "woven French braid ponytail." Anyone remember it? We have always loved the original hairstyle (it is actually one of our all time favorites.) But, we also realize that it is quite time consuming and fairly difficult to recreate.  For our hairstyle today, we wanted something that still looks intricate and unique, but is quicker and easier to do than the original style... so this is what we came up with.  At first glance, this one still looks kind of time consuming, but after watching our video (below) you will see that it really is quite easy and quick, with only 2 twists being woven from each side of the Dutch braid.

Woven twist ponytail hairstyle tutorial

This hairstyle would be great for gymnastics, cheerleading, dance, sports, school, church and other occasions.  You could finish this off with a bun, chignon, or other updo if you are looking for a special occasion style, or leave it in a ponytail or braid for more of a casual look. 

Video instructions, woven twist ponytail hairstyle

Supplies needed to recreate this hairstyle:
  • 2 medium size ponytail holders or elastics
  • 2 hair clips or hair ties to temporarily hold the ends of the braids
  • water, gel, or pomade to help control flyaways
This is a combination hairstyle, using elements and techniques from a dutch braid, feather braid, lace braid, twist, weaving, and a ponytail.

Woven Twist Ponytail Video TutorialClick here to watch the video directly on YouTube.

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