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Waterfall Twist Ladder Braid Hairstyle, School Hairstyles

A pretty waterfall twist and French braid combo. 
A cute back to school hairstyle!
Waterfall twist ladder #braid hairstyle

Today's hairstyle would be great for every day casual occasions such as; school, work and sports. As well as for more formal outings. 

We love that this braid is simple, yet eye catching (adding something a little bit different to a regular French braid.) 

We have had many requests for more "grown up hairstyles" for teens and adults.  I think this ladder braid will work for girls and women of all ages!

Waterfall twist ladder braid, school hairstyle

You may remember the "waterfall twist headband and French braid" which we posted last year.  This hairstyle is somewhat similar (both styles use a waterfall twist and a French braid in combination.) But the partings and placement of the strands in this ladder braid give it a completely different look.  I love it when just a minor change can become a whole new hairstyle!

waterfall twist braid and french braid, ladder braid hairstyle

You may notice that the Princess's hair is slightly damp while it is being braided in our video below.  We do this to help keep her fine hair smooth and free of flyaways.  Depending on the texture of hair you are working with, it may be easier (and better) to braid the hair dry.  Of course, if you do choose to braid using damp hair, be extra careful to avoid damage (as hair is more fragile while wet.)  Also, the "wet style" will look much prettier as it dries and loosens up a bit (as shown in our photos above.)  ;)

Waterfall twist ladder braid video tutorial: Click here to watch the video directly on Youtube.

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