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Football Hairstyle

A Hairstyle For Sports Fans!

Football Bun Hairstyle

Admittingly, I don't really follow Football that closely, but when Super Bowl season comes around, I can't help but get a little excited over all the hype.  And, even if you don't necessarily like football.... how could you not like football hair!?  :)

One day last week "the princess" was wearing the Braided Bubble Bun & for some reason, it totally reminded me of a football!  Weird I know, but after that, I decided we had to give it a go.  The Princess ended up loving the style!  She wore it last night for the Seahawks vs 49ers, and is planning on wearing it on Super Bowl Sunday as well. 

To create this football bun, I made a "braided bubble bun" (video tutorial below.)  But instead of placing the extra hair (from the hair donut) on the right and left of the bun.... I placed it on the top and bottom of the bun and French Braided the hair horizontally (instead of vertically.)  After the braiding was complete, I just took some ribbon and sewed in some laces over and around the braid.  Super easy!

Braided Bubble Bun Video Tutorial: (Turn it into a football hairstyle by using the modifications above.)

I'm thinking this fun hairstyle would be super cute for crazy hair day or Halloween as well as cheerleading, or watching football!

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