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Braided Bubble Bun, Dance Hairstyle Tutorial

A Sleek and Unique Bun

cute bun hairstyle, braided bubble bun

With the 2014 Winter Olympics right around the corner, we thought this braided bun would be a perfect hairstyle for figure skating!  I can totally picture an ice skater wearing this bun in a performance or competition.  Of course, it would be great for many other occasions as well.  Wouldn't this be a cute hairstyle for ballet / dance? Or, a sophisticated and polished Prom Updo? 

braided bubble bun #updo #hairstyle tutorial

This up-style is a variation of a "sock bun" so you will need some type of a bun maker to create this look.  We used our hair donut which we found at Sally Beauty Supply. These come in many different brands and varieties and are usually fairly inexpensive to purchase. If you don't have a bun maker, you could take a sock, cut off the toes and roll it up to form the same donut shape.  There are many tutorials on YouTube showing how to do this.   

Supplies needed:
  • 2 hair elastics or cloth covered hair ties
  • Several bobby pins
  • A "hair donut" ie bun maker or rolled up sock. (We purchased ours at Sally Beauty Supply for just a few dollars.

Braided Bubble Bun Video Tutorial: (Click here to watch this video directly on YouTube if you are using a mobile device and cannot view the video from our site.)

This bun is quite versatile in that you can change up the braid to create different looks. We chose a French braid bun this time, but you could also do a Dutch braid, 4 (or more) strand braid, twist braid, or even a French fishtail instead.

Thanks so much for watching.  See you all next week for another hairstyle!

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    1. That's fabulous! It's so fun and different, but still easy. Love it!

    2. Does this work with shoulder-lenght hair?

      1. I haven't tried it, but my guess would be that it would need to be a little longer than shoulder length to work.

      2. Thank you for replying, I guess I'll have to wait a little bit for my sister's hair to grow, btw, We love your videos, I do her hair for school every morning and she always gets compliments from her teacher and friends :)

    3. Wonderful Hairstyle!! M lovin it! By the way, how old is your "princess"?


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