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Elsa Hairstyle Tutorial Inspired By Disney (Frozen)

The twist and bun updo hairstyle Elsa was wearing at the coronation in the Disney movie "Frozen." 
Elsa Coronation Hairstyle, Disney Frozen

Since posting Anna's hairstyle (from the movie Frozen) last week, we have had over 100 requests to do a tutorial for Elsa's coronation hairstyle!  We weren't really planning on doing any other "Frozen hairstyles," but how could we ignore that?  ;) 

Besides, with the holidays right around the corner, I think this would make a lovely hairstyle for Christmas, New Years Eve, or any other holiday occasion that may be celebrated this time of year.  This style is simple, elegant, and classic... don't you think?

Elsa Hairstyle Tutorial

Keep in mind, there are several different ways you could go about creating this updo.  We first tried placing a headband over her head and tucked the hair around it to form the twist.  Then we tried making a "French twist" along the side... which actually turned out very true to the original style, but was quite difficult and required tons of bobby pins. We also tried a French fishtail, which looked cool, but not quite right!  We finally settled on this simple twist (shown in our tutorial below) because we wanted something that was quick and easy to create for everyone.  Although it did not turn out exactly like the original style, I think it is close enough.  If you have blonde hair and bangs as well as a tiara or crown, you could really make this look authentic!

Elsa's coronation hairstyle in Frozen (tutorial)

Elsa's Coronation Hairstyle Video Tutorial:

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  1. In the middle of the movie I leaned over to my husband and said "That is an awesome hairstyle. I wish I knew how to do it." And you delivered! Thank you so much!

  2. So very pretty! I am going to try this!

  3. I tried this for school and it stayed up surprisingly well, i got lots of comments. positive comments! thank you
    i still need to watch frozen though

  4. What a gorgeous updo! I love all the details in the twists and buns. This looks perfect for holiday parties :)

  5. Hey!!! I'm a fan of Frozen and after watching it I wanna try it....and you guys are like a genie for making a wish came true

  6. I'm going to be trying this on my daughter! Thank you.

  7. You are *extremely* talented... my daughter and I loved Frozen and we're going to try this and probably most of your other hairstyles soon. This is a wonderful find for us. Thanks so much.

  8. I LOVE the movie FROZEN I plan on being her this Halloween! :)

  9. Oh my goodness! You are awesome! I made the mistake of letting my almost 3 year old daughter pick a new hairstyle. I was going to let her pick from the baby hairstyles, but when she saw this, she started jumping up and down, chanting "Frozen." I was a bit intimidated, but I gave it a shot, and it turned out really adorably amazing. I was surprised to see how cute and easy it was, even for a fidgity little girl :)

  10. Thank you sooooo much!!!! I made this hairstyle on my sister who has long blond hair and it looked amazing!!!!
    I am definitely going to wear this hairstyle on my prom!!!

  11. if you look closely in the movie, Elsa has a thin ribbon twisted in the up-do.

    1. I have been looking 4 braids with ribbon then I found this and it has ribbon!!!!!!!!!

  12. I love Elsa!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  13. Thank you, my grand daughter is doing her ballet recital to Let it Go, they are all dressed as Elsa in little blue sequined ballet outfits with white fur and blue tutu's I'm going to do her hair like this. She will love it.


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