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Braid Tutorial - Cinch Knot Feather Braid Hairstyle

2 Cute Hairstyles Using Braids & Knots!

cinch knot feather braid hair tutorial
Today's braiding tutorial is a combination of several techniques.  We have combined a French "feather braid" and one of our old favorites (the spiral knot braid) to create this fun "cinch knot feather braid."

cinch knot feather braid pigtails tutorial

In our video below, we show how to make this unique braid.  Of course, after you know how to do that, there are endless hairstyles that can be created!  As demonstrated in our photos above:  A diagonal French braid with the knot on top, and pigtail French braids with the knots running along opposite sides of the braid (both facing the center part.)  You could also feather both sides of the braid and created a knot along each side if you want to. See what I mean?  Endless possibilities!

Cinch Knot Feather Braid Video Tutorial:

You may have noticed that I braided her hair while it was damp/wet in this tutorial.  Depending on the texture of hair you are working with, this may not be the best solution for you. The Princess's hair is naturally very straight and fine.  When we do knotted hairstyles, I have found that it saves us a lot of trouble and time to start with wet hair to help control flyaways.  I usually will finish it off with some hairspray and the style will stay smooth looking all day when we do this. Of course, if you would rather braid the hair dry, you can always use pomade/gel/wax while making the knots instead of water to help keep things smooth.  One thing to keep in mind if you choose to work with the hair while it is wet:  You will want to be very careful not to pull the braid too tight, or comb/handle the hair roughly.  Hair is more fragile while wet and can break easily.  Also, if you have hair that tangles easily, I would not recommend wet braiding.

We would love to see any hairstyles you guys create using this braid!  Feel free to share your pictures on our facebook page or on Instagram.  If you use Instagram, be sure to tag us @hair4myprincess and use the hashtag #hair4myprincess so that we can find it.  ;)

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