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5 Strand Waterfall Braid

How To Five Strand Waterfall Braid Tutorial

5 strand waterfall braid video tutorial

A beautiful and intricate waterfall braid using 5 strands of hair instead of the standard 3 strands! This technique creates a unique woven effect where the braid lies, along with the familiar cascading strands hanging below (a look which has made the fall through braids such popular hairstyles.) 

Five strand watefrall braid video tutorial

We have done several "non standard" waterfall braid tutorials on our hairstyling site recently, including a fishtail braid, a twist braid, and now a 5 strand braid. Feel free to check out the other two variations if you haven't already! 

Unique waterfall braid

This plait is actually quite advanced and can be difficult to master at first.  It's probably one of  the more difficult braids we have posted here on our hair blog. But, I don't want to discourage you.  It's just so beautiful, I believe it's worth the effort.  ;)  Like most braids (and other non hair related things in life) after a little practice... it's really not so bad!

5 Strand Waterfall Braid Video Tutorial:

Half of this next picture turned out blurry.. and I'm not sure why.  Darn!  I tried to fix it, even trying black and white, but  was unsuccessful.  Anyway, she is so excited to have such long hair again.  She has been hoping to be able to grow her hair out to her waist.  Almost there!

5 strand fall through braid, long hair
And.. a close up of the braid.
woven waterfall braid

Hope you enjoyed. We would love to see pictures of this one on our facebook page if you try it. And as always, feel free to pin and share!

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  1. you could do this as a partial-cascade 5strand crown or halo braid. very pretty. I haven't been able to master any waterfall braids on my daughter's thick hair, no matter how small I make the sections.

  2. very pretty.....i need to practice my 5-strand braiding first...LOL!
    i'm gonna do this :)

  3. I need to learn this waterfall's absolutely stunning :-)

  4. I like this, I want to learn this amazing art. Thanks for the share. Cheers

  5. Nice hairstyles .I like this post so much .

  6. Even with the tutorial, I'm going to need a lot of practice. I just adore this hairstyle though.


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