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Braid In A Braid Hairstyle

This cute and unique braid looks quite complex, but is actually a very simple hairstyle and quick to make! 

braid in a braid

It's always nice to have a few 5 minute hairstyle ideas on hand for busy school mornings (or work.)  And.... this braid is much more fun than a boring ponytail or bun!

We have had many requests for easy hairstyles lately and I love how simple (yet unique) this braid is. If you can make a standard 3 strand braid, then you can definitely create this braided plait using a micro braid! This is also a hairstyle that can be done on yourself easily (for those of you who do not have a personal stylist available at your beck and call.) ;) Yay!

Braid In A Braid Video Tutorial:

We opted for a low side braid this time, which does require fairly long hair.  Of course, this braid could also be made in a standard ponytail, pigtails, pull backs, a half ponytail.... whatever you want.  The trick to making this braid really "pop" is by stretching the strands when you are finished. Pulling the edges of the braid really make this hairstyle go from ordinary to extraordinary. Hope you enjoy braiding braids! Thanks for watching and sharing!!

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  1. YES! Something I can do on myself! Love the hair tutorials, great job!

  2. Tried this on my 12 years old, she has thick, long hair. She was looking beautiful and she loved it. Thanks for this great hair-style :)

  3. I love this style :) my kid loved it... I am not the type of mom that is really creative with this type of stuff that's why having a girl made me anxious on how she'd look because I never knew how to do this myself.. but thanks to you, your a life saver :)

  4. I wish my hair was a little longer to make this style pop like yours does :) I will definitely be trying it on my sister though ;)

  5. Wow! How nice is that hair style..Its looks quite simple but i don't know how to braid that style. lol. I'm not the type of girl who is kind of creative about hair styling. I only knew about ponytail and centipede.

  6. Thank you for sharing this post - this hairstyle is simply fabulous! I'm the owner of two children's hair salons in NYC and I can think of more than a few little clients that this style would look stunning on. I also like to share DIY instructions for trendy girl's hairstyles. I thought you and your readers would enjoy learning how to do the way popular girl's hairstyle, The Heart Braid:

  7. I just wanted to stop by and let you know that you were featured on my blog today. Thanks for all the wonderful hairstyles you post!


  9. This looks great, my mom just did it, and it looks great:)

  10. it is amazing and really pretty

  11. its realy cute and simple hairstyle


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