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How To 4 Strand Braid Tutorial

Four Strand Braid Or "Jewel In The Middle Braid" Video Tutorial

four strand braid
We had quite a few requests for a tutorial on the ribbon braid shown at the end of our silly vacuum ponytail video the other day (which can be found here: Vacuum Ponytail) so we wanted to make a tutorial for you.  FYI, this 4 strand braid is not our creation... it has most likely been around since the beginning of braiding. ;)

This braid is called "jewel in the middle" because of the strand that runs down the center of the plait. We have shown french braided versions of this braid in a couple of our videos before, but not the regular braid until now (which surprises me because it is actually one of our favorite braids and the Princess wears it all the time!)  To see a french braided version we call the "pleated ribbon braid" click here: 4 strand french braid And a lace braid version here: 4 strand lace braid

How to 4 strand braid video tutorial:

As shown in our video, the middle strand of hair in this braid can be replaced with ribbon, beads, fabric, leather, a braided strand... whatever you want! This braid is so unique looking, especially when the edges are stretched. It's just so pretty!
braid with beads
In the photo above, we braided in a beaded necklace.  I think this is my favorite of all the variations we have tried with this braid.  We have also done this with a standard gold chain necklace, which turned out lovely as well.

The photo below is the braid with an added ribbon as the middle strand....
ribbon braid tutorial
The next two hairstyle photos shown are of a side braid, without adding an elastic to the top and braiding the middle strand.  In the first photo, I made the braid quite messy and "chunky" by stretching the edges of the braid more drastically and using a thicker braid for the middle strand....
messy braid
This next braid was done the same way as the photo above, but left a little "neater" by not stretching the sides out quite as much and using a thinner braid in the middle.
braid accent
There are several other versions of a 4 strand braid that we know of: A woven flat 4 strand and a round 4 strand (which we have not done a tutorial on yet.)
four strand braid variations
There you have it!  Everything you could ever want to know about this braid.  ;)

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  1. looks quick and easy and elegantly done! Thank you!

  2. My daughter will freak when she sees this! It's beautiful

  3. Thanks! Evan though I all ready know how to do this one, the vidio has inspired me to play around with 4
    strand styles. I also like the tip to make the 3rd strand smaller. Is this the same one that you did for the "big kid" candy cane braid?

  4. Hi Michaela,
    The candy cane braid is actually a 4 strand woven braid, and is a little bit different. :)

    1. Hi there,
      Every time I try the four strand braid, it turns sideways at the bottom. How do I prevent this?

  5. Wow, so beautiful! It seems a little hard for me, but with the help of the video, I think I can do it with more practice.


  6. wow , what a beautiful hair style. My little daughter is so conscious about her new hair styles.But I always stay worried about her hairs health that's why all time I buy different hair care products for her each time. But this time I will surely try this style. :) thanks for sharing here.

  7. Really hair style is too much beautiful. I like it too much. I got the idea about my Hair style from your blog. Thanks and too too much appreciate.

  8. I finally had a chance to watch the vid. This is really cute! I'm hoping my girlie won't think she's too grown up for this one. Since she won't wear the heart hair, maybe I can get her to at least put in a red ribbon for Valentines, haha. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I braided my daughter's hair this way with a ribbon on the first day of school. When I was done, her braid twisted and I could not get it to lay straight. Still looked really pretty, but what did I do wrong?

  10. I did this braid on my daughter and niece and they both twisted as well. I agree, still looked very pretty (used a ribbon for the 3rd strand) but I could not get the braid to lay straight. Any ideas?

  11. What shampoo and conditioner do you use for your daughter? My daughter is 11 and her hair get so tangled. Ugh :p

  12. My daughter and I both love this braid! It's relatively simple and oh so pretty. However, I have a problem with the 3rd strand coming up way shorter than the other three, so I have to end the braid before I get to the end of her hair. Is there a trick to keep this from happening? Thanks :)


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