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Valentine's Day Hairstyles "Puffy Heart Bun"

We "big puffy heart" this Valentine's Hairstyle!  ;)

Valentines Day Hairstyle

This heart shape bun hairstyle would be perfect for Valentine's Day, a wedding, flower girl, Prom, Homecoming, etc..... or anytime. We love wearing hearts in our hair!

We were going for a soft, feminine and "Princessy" look with this half up, half down style.
Half Up Hairstyles

You could also turn this heart hair style into a gorgeous updo (using all of your hair) by beginning with a full ponytail instead of a half ponytail. And of course, you can finish this style with or without the ribbon... whatever you prefer.

Her long hair gets tangled quite easily when we leave it down (especially in the wind) so we usually save hairstyles like this for "special occasions."  This is just my opinion, but I think curling the hair seems to help a little bit with the tangling.... as the curled sections seem to stay together for the most part. 

Valentines Hairstyle With Curls

Supplies needed to create this look:
  • 2-3 small elastics
  • several bobby pins
  • about 2-3 feet of ribbon (optional)
  • plastic craft needle (optional)
  • curling iron/curling wand/curlers (if you want curls)

Valentine's Hairstyle Video Tutorial:

If you are a subscriber to our blog or Youtube channel, you may recognize the lace braiding technique used to create this bun from our "braid wrapped bun" video, which is one of our favorite updos!


We used our "NuMe" brand curling wand to create the curls shown in this tutorial. The plastic craft needle used to sew in the ribbon can be found in most craft stores.

*This style is one of several Valentine's Day hairdos we'll be posting over the next couple of weeks. Keep an eye out!

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  1. So cute! Thanks for helping my daughter look cute even though she has a mom who has never known how to do hair (until you!)


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