Jan 21, 2013

Dad Uses Vacuum to Give Daughter Perfect Ponytail, Advanced Method!

The other day, a few of our viewers sent us a viral video on Youtube of a talented dad making a ponytail with a vacuum cleaner. The original video was called "Dad Uses Vacuum to Give Daughter Perfect Ponytail in 5 seconds."  Of course, after seeing the video, we had to give it a try! (After cleaning our vacuum hose first of course.  ;)

Watch our silly video of the Princess's Dad making a ponytail with our vacuum.... and then take it up a notch!

If you are interested in seeing the original video that prompted this response, go to our video on Youtube here: Vacuum Ponytail Video and click "show more" under our video for the link.

A huge thank you to our Husband/Dad for helping us with this video. The Princess is such a Daddy's girl and loves him so much!


  1. My husband showed me this yesterday. We couldn't stop laughing!!!

  2. Ha ha ha! That was great! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi! I was wondering, with the superbowl coming up, if you could post some superbowl hair styles? I have a bunch of sisters that love getting their hair done for parties!

  4. Thats so funny! Thanks for posting

  5. Made my day, thanks for sharing!! :D