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Formal Hairstyles, Sideswept Braids and Curls

A "Fancy Schmancy" Hairstyle for Prom, Homecoming, Weddings, Flower Girls, Valentines Day, and other special occasions!

formal hairstyle
This Bohemian braided hairstyle would be lovely for many special occasions. The curls and soft, messy braids are very "princessy." :) If you are looking for a romantic hairstyle for Valentines Day, this could work! 
braided flower hairstyle
We're loving braided flowers and roses made from hair lately, as they are quite easy to make and so cute! If you want to add some "bling" to the center of the flower, that would definitely make this hairstyle stand out.
flower made from hair
We used a regular old standard curling iron to create the soft curls in this hairstyle. You could use a curling wand if you prefer, or a no heat curling method. If you have natural curl, even better!  You could also leave your hair straight if you want to. 
side swept braided hairstyle
Sideswept hairstyles are nice for occasions when you want to leave your hair mostly down, while still looking "done" but not "over done."  ;)  I'm thinking this could be perfect for a beach wedding!

prom hairstyle
Supplies needed:

  • 1 small clear elastic
  • several bobby pins
  • curling iron/curling wand/curlers/naturally curly hair 
Formal Hairstyle, How To Video:

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  1. I am definitely doing my hair like this for my county fair queen pageant next year. My mom should probably start practicing now ;)

  2. This fancy braided hairstyle is a little difficult for me...

    Thanks to the video tutorial and I can practice now. Thank you

  3. This hairstyle is truly out of a fairy tale. I know you said you could create it without the curls, but I think they are a key feature. Great idea for all ages!

  4. Hi! This reminds me somewhat of a hairstyle on Buttercup from 'Princess Bride'. I was also wondering if you could do more of her styles from that movie?

  5. That's completely and utterly beautiful!!!!

  6. Thanks for putting up these awesome styles. My own princess and I have looked at your videos for about 2 years now. She chooses something she likes and then we practice it till I get it 'right'. Every time I am do something special, we get lots of comments about how lovely her hair is. So THANK YOU for all the inspiration these past years.

  7. Simply amazing. I want to make this hairstyle for myself even though i am 30. It's absolutely gorgeous. I have curly hair, do you think it would look good for my type of hair?

  8. Really helpful, i'm getting this done for my graduation next Wednesday. I can't wait! (:

  9. Did this for my prom a few weeks looked great! Everyone thought I got it done professionally! Thanks for the idea! :)

  10. Beautiful! Thanks for posting! can't wait to try it! :)

  11. How do you make such beautiful hairstyles? My mum doesn't even bother to do my hair so I cant do all these beautiful hairdos

  12. WOW! That so amazing it's very pretty I am surely gong to try it on my niece!!! :)


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