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Picture Day Hairstyles 2012

A few hair ideas for picture day....
braided headband picture day hair

The Princess has actually had pictures taken "professionally" twice this year.  Once for picture day at school, and another time for our family pictures. My personal preference for picture day hair, is a simple and classic hairstyle that hopefully won't go out of style and look ridiculous in 20 years lol.  Something that looks nice from the front, but not too "overdone."  And, lets face it... no matter how cute you make the back of a hairstyle look, usually the back of the head isn't seen in the picture anyway!

Both of the styles we chose for our pictures this year were basic headband hairstyles.  In the photo above, we used the same partings from our Barbie Hairstyle that we actually used for picture day back in 2009.  And then instead of making a standard french braid for the headband, we opted for a pleated ribbon braid  (substituting a 4th strand of hair for the ribbon.)

In the pictures below, we washed her hair the night before and made pigtail french braids (one on each side of her head) while her hair was still damp.  In the morning, after the braids had dried, we took them out to form the waves and added a cute beaded headband.  Very simple, easy, cute, and quick!

picture day headband

headband with waves

picture day hair

For a little extra style, you could add a couple of braids with the headband as shown in the video below: 

Feel free to share your picture day styles with us on Facebook.  I love to see what you guys are up to!

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  1. I love your haistyles,they are gorgeous :)

  2. Absolutely Beautiful her hairs are. Love the do! It looks perfect for the youngers, as they are trendy and simple too.

  3. Is there a video showing how to do the first Picture Day Hairstyle, the one with the purple flower?

  4. Lovely hairstyles, these would be great for a flower girl.

  5. lovley hairstyles i loved the flower one


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