Oct 11, 2012

Fishtail Braid Bohemian Pigtails

 A Hunger Games Inspired Hairstyle

Hunger Games Hairstyles, Fishbone Braids

These fun fishtail braid pigtails are inspired by a hairstyle I remember seeing in the Hunger Games Movie (although I don't exactly remember which character wore them.) I think I was paying more attention to the many braids and hairstyles than the actual movie itself when I watched it!  I'm pretty sure it was either a "Glimmer hairstyle" or a "Prim hairstyle".... also I did change the hairdo up a bit from the image I had in my head, just to make it our own.  Another fellow hairstylist (which I adore) on Youtube recreated a similar style from the movie awhile back as well and I thought it was so darling. You can find her video here- Letsmakeitup1 for a few more cute ideas if you like this type of  braided style.

Hunger Games Braided Hairstyle
My daughter loves this look because the pigtails seem more "grown up" than the usual variety. I  think these pigtails could work for older girls as well as little girls. I may even wear my hair like this if it were long enough!  We're both loving anything with fishtail braids right now and anything "Bohemian" looking. Since this style is more of a relaxed look, you don't need to worry about getting the parts straight or braiding perfectly.  Just go with the flow!  If I did this hairdo again, I may even add some waves  or curls to her hair first, to give it a little more texture.

Prim Hairstyle
Hunger Games Fishtail Pigtails

Hunger Games Hairstyle Video Tutorial:

This hairstyle should work with long hair and medium hair, curly or straight.

I'm also thinking this could be a cute Halloween Hairstyle that would work with several different costume ideas. Pocahontas, maybe?