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Halloween Hairstyles, Braided Spider Bun

A Spooky Spider Hairstyle!

halloween hairstyle ideas
This fun braided spider hairstyle would be great for Halloween, Trick or Treating, a Halloween party, or crazy hair day at school.

The basic idea for this spider hairdo came from one of our readers (Jill) who posted a picture of her little girl wearing a spider on her head on our facebook page a couple of years ago! The Princess and I have been anxiously awaiting for Halloween to come around again to give this creepy style a try.

Spider Hairstyle Tutorial, Halloween Hairstyle
This hair style would be cute all on it's own, or could go with several Halloween costume ideas (a witch, vampire, zombie, etc.)
Halloween Spider Web Hairstyle

Supplies needed:
  • 4 pipe cleaners (which can be found in any craft store) to create the spider legs.
  • 2-3 hair elastics.
  • Several bobby pins. 
  • An optional scary spider face (which could be made many different ways.)  We used a little pom pom and some googly eyes for ours. 

If you don't know how to french braid, or want to make this style easier and quicker, you can skip the upside down french braid up the back of her head and just start the spider bun in a standard high ponytail.

Of course, this doesn't have to be just a hairstyle for Halloween.  Without the extra legs and spider face, this turns out to be a lovely elegant updo that could be worn for many occasions! We love how the upside down french braid sort of blends right into the bun.  We opted for a braided bun this time, but... a sock bun, messy bun, twisted bun (or any type of bun you like) can be substituted. 

upside down french braid with bun

upside down french braid updo

The Scary Halloween Hairstyle Tutorial: (Be sure to watch for a fun Halloween "surprise" towards the end of the video. ;)  Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.

P.S. We are trying some different lighting and background in this video (trying to improve the quality of our tutorials for you guys.)  Let us know if you find this video to be more clear (better) or worse than our old set up.  Thanks!

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  1. Love Love Love this! Will be trying it very soon!

  2. I am doing this for our Halloween party tomarrow, can't wait!
    I love this idea.

  3. I love this idea. I think I'll try for me...
    Thank you

  4. Great idea. I fixed my daughter's hair like this for "crazy hair day" for Red Ribbon Week. This day happened to fall on Halloween so it worked out perfectly. Thank you!


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