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Halloween Hairstyles

Halloween Hairstyles
I've compiled some of our older hairdos that may work for Halloween right here in one post. Now to match a hairstyle up with a costume. Halloween is almost here!

First off (of course) are the Princess Hairstyles! What else? Are you thinking of being A Princess for Halloween?? Maybe one of these hairstyles will work.

*For step by step - how to hairstyle instructions, click on the title above the pictures of the styles you want to try!

Princess Jasmine Hairstyle
Princess Updo Halloween Hairstyle
princess hairstyle for Halloween
Princess Updo
Fair Maiden Hairstyle

fairytale hairstyle

Princess Belle Hairstyle (From Disney's Beauty And The Beast.)

Belle Hairstyle (shorter hair variation)

Needing a wand to go with your Princess or Fairy costume? My friend Trisha has made excellent DIY instuctions here: How to Make a fairy wand

Maybe instead of being "princessy" you would rather look a little more scary. Here are some fun spider web hairstyles
to try, and the spider.
I think these would be cute hairdos for a witch!spider web hairstylespider web hairdo spider web hair

Or what about doing a Mummy Hairstyle.......
hair for a mummy
Maybe you are planning on dressing up as a Barbie Doll? Here's a cute Barbie Hairstyle for Halloween!
Barbie Doll Hairstyle
And, one last Halloween hairdo... A Candy Corn inspired style.
Completely non hair blog related. BUT have you ever felt "obligated" to dress up as something for a Halloween function but not have the time or desire to dress up? (Yeah, I'm not really one of those "fun moms.") Here's a solution..... A quick and easy Halloween costume! No sewing or painting required, hehe. Can you guess what it is??Quick and easy costume It's a "cereal killer!" (Serial Killer) All you need for this "costume" is: 5 minutes, a box of cereal, a knife, and some tape. If you wanted to get more creative you could use some fake blood! There you have it; the quickest, easiest, costume I could think of.
Hope you had fun looking through our Halloween Hairstyles collection. Happy Halloween!

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  1. Wow! Those hairstyles are amazing, can you come do my hair!?

  2. The "Cereal Killer" Costume idea is hillarious lol. I think my daughter is gonna be a cat this year, need to figure out something for that. Love those styles by the way...I have gone through all your post :)


  3. My daughter wants me to do the spider web hairstyle that you did not give directions on. I can't talk her into another style. Could you give instructions on how to do it? Thank you!

  4. Can u come to my house and do my DD's hair before school? Please?! LOL
    I love this look!!!

  5. OMG! I LOVE THE PRINCESS ONE! I am totally using that!! Thanks Kori.


  6. You are hilarious! I am embarrassed to admit that I had to think about "cereal killer" for a couple of minutes before I got it. I did get it though...and i thought it was VERY clever. You aand your blog are AMAZING!!!

  7. Love your blog! Just stopping by to say hi and I am grabbing your button to share on my blog. Have a great weekend.

  8. I am new to your blog and so far I adore it! Your hair styles are so cute!


    P.S ceareal killer LOL!

  9. SO cute! I love the princess one. So what is she going to be for Halloween?

  10. Bryan Beckstrom, I will try and get that posted before Halloween, but I'm not making any promises because we're pretty busy this month. If I don't get around to it, if you look on the right sidebar under "favorite hairstyles" there is one called "woven tiara." It's basically 4 of those. One on top, one on each side and one on the bottom (pulled into a ponytail.) Good luck!

    Tiff, The Princess is thinking about being a witch this year, but we haven't decided completely. :)

  11. I love looking at your blog and trying out the styles on my daughter. We used one of your spiderweb ideas and modified it a little bit. If you'd like to come see it, here is the post.


  12. Bellissima ... very nice!! kiss, Lisa

  13. Thanks so much for including an EASY valentines do. Im so happy when I find your easy hair-dos. I have 3 little girls 5 and under and no time to anything not easy. That and the fact I have very little practice at french braiding. We have been using your site since Halloween. Thanks again and please keep the easy dos coming!

  14. Love the "ceral killer" idea. One of my nephews dressed as that last year. Only difference was they used a bunch of the small snack size ceral boxes with plastic knives in each one, glued them to a white tee shirt & added a little fake blood. It was very cute.

  15. Hey can u do something for red ribbon week.that would be awesome if u could. And the cereal killler is awesome

  16. I love the braided princess hairstyle!

  17. Love the fairy princess hair style. And LOL at "cereal" killer--HA! Too funny. :)

  18. The fair maiden is my favorite, but that cereal killer costume is hilarious!

  19. I love them all, especially the fair maiden style.

  20. All those hairstyles are so pretty and the costume at the end is too funny!

  21. the hairstyles i love are the barbie hairstyle for haloween,the candy corn inspire,the braided princess hairstyle, and the fairytale princess hairstyle. but the other ones are pretty too. and the costume its really funny and easy!
    and the princess its beautiful! shes gorgeous... SHES BARBIE!

  22. Thanks for giving the information..Nice Blog to learn hair styles...

  23. Cute!!! Love the "cereal killer" :) Thanks!

  24. love the spider hair style, i am sooooooo using it! :)


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