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DIY And Crafts - Pop Tab Headband

A cute headband made from soda can pop tabs and ribbon!
pop tab headband with ribbon
We saw a neat video on Pinterest a few months ago showing how to make a pop tab bracelet. The video (which is in Spanish) can be found here: pop tab bracelet video  After watching the tutorial, we had an idea to try and make a pop tab headband. We love how the headband turned out and had so much fun making it that we wanted to share with you!      
pop tab headband and fishbone braid
Pop Tab Headband With Fishtail Braid
After looking around on Youtube, we have found tons and tons of videos showing various "pop can crafts" and tutorials for making all types of jewelry and other items. It seems you can make almost anything out of pop tabs! We have actually made several headband variations and hair accessories since we filmed this video (even a cute pop tab flower headband!) If you like to craft, and have pop can tabs on hand.... the possibilities really are endless. If you have some time to search through Youtube, you will see what I mean! 
diy soda tab headband
This is a great craft project for kids as well.  The princess has been making what she calls "pop bracelets" as well as this darling pop tab belt!  The only problem we have found is finding enough pop tabs to keep up with her.  ;)
pop tab ribbon belt
It's always fun to upcycle, or turn "trash" into "treasure." ;)  I also love that this project is quite inexpensive as you don't need many supplies or any glue for these headbands.

The supplies you will need:
  • 7-8 ft length of ribbon
  • Approx 45 pop tabs
  • 2 small safety pins (You could also use a sewing needle, but I find the safety pins are better since they won't fall off.)
  • Scissors
  • Approx 20 minutes

Pop Tab Headband Instructions:

Of course, we would love to see pictures of your pop tab creations on our facebook page!

PS:  We have had quite a few requests/Youtube comments asking for a tutorial on the hairstyle shown at the very end of this video.  We will do our best to get to it soon.  ;)

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  1. I'm doing this defently

  2. Very simple and cute, I'm going to be doing this.
    Thanks so much for showing us how to do it.
    Not sure if for my little one yet but for sure for my nieces. :).
    If you have a chance, you are welcome to stop by and visit @

  3. Very creative. I really like this! I love unique things like this.

  4. I made a lime green one yesterday. Just love your YouTube channel so much! And your daughter is just SO adorable. Every time I get out the shower I look up a hairstyle by you.

  5. Its so pretty. I will definitely buy this for my sweet doll.

  6. were can i get the pop tabs from

    1. you could get it at u know coke in can closer

  7. the art and craft store i think

  8. can you do a tutorial on a hairstyle that your daughter was wearing when you put the headband on her head?


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