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Easter Hairstyles, The Basket Weave Braid

French Basket Weave Side Swept Braid Hairstyle
A Cute Easter Hairstyle!
This basket woven side ponytail hairstyle is inspired by a picture (shown below) that has been floating around on Pinterest, and also requested several times on our facebook page. Every pin I have seen of this style (and it is ALL over Pinterest) is either "uploaded by user" or is linked to "weheartit" or "tumblr." So, I'm not sure where the image actually originated from. If someone knows, please let me know in the comments so that I can give credit to the creator. ;)basket woven side braidWe used fairly large (chunky) sections in our variation for a quicker "how to" video. In the original hairstyle (as you can see) the basket weave is looser, with more strands, and more defined. For a more intricate and neat braid, smaller sections should be taken and then loosened at the end. We only added about half of the strands you would need to more accurately recreate the look. Also, the princesses hair is not quite long enough to pull off the original braid. But... hopefully our video will give you the basic idea of how to recreate this if you really want to!

easter hairstylesI'm thinking this would be a darling hairstyle for Easter Sunday as it reminds me of an Easter Basket. ;) We also found this cute springy headband shown below at the dollar store and love the look it adds to the style. The princess noticed that it looks like a "handle" to finish off the basket!
woven braid Btw, this basket weave braid is much easier to complete using damp hair, or with hair product. As you're weaving, flyaways will most likely become a problem if you are working on completely dry hair.

Here's the how-to video:

PS: An easier option to design a basket woven look for Easter (as shown below) would be to create multiple waterfall twist braids. We have shown this technique in another post here: Triple Waterfall Twist Braid Video
easter hairstyleClick here for a few more Easter Hairstyle ideas. ;)

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  1. I've seen this on Pinterest, but I didn't even want to attempt to re-create it, haha. Your version turned out just as cute! Love it! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh, and its really not that hard, YAY! :)

  3. I LOVE this one! I can’t wait for my little lady (almost 5) to grow her hair out! You have so many creative and fun styles on here and she loves the ones she’s able to use!

  4. I haven't seen this yet on Pinterest, but I love it! Thanks for doing a video!

  5. My younger sister loves the side ponytale and braid. Thanks for the how to vidio for this style.

  6. It is really beautiful! I'm going to salon and tell to my hairstylist that i want this braid style on my hair to. Very interesting video and post! Have a nice day.

  7. wow... really cute! it kind of look like katniss braid
    (hunger games)
    ohh... i didnt make this hairstyle for the movie!

  8. I thought this was a Katniss braid until I watched the video...This was better


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