Mar 1, 2012

Chain Link Braid Headband Hairstyle

The Chain Link Braid Headband Hairstyle
Princess Hairstyles
chain link french braid This unique "chain link french braid" is sort of a spin off of one of our favorite hairstyle techniques: Chains. This braid is somewhat similar to a 2 strand knotted braid but we changed things up a bit with a new fun twist (as you'll see in our video.) In my opinion, the plaiting on this braid is actually easier to complete than a regular french braid, so if you are having trouble french braiding.... this might be one to try.

There are many variations and hairstyles that can be made with this braid. Instead of braiding a headband across her head, you could make a braid on each side of her head to form pigtails, or one braid down the middle, or a braid swept across the back of her head. Lots of possibilities!
chain braidChain Link Braid Video Tutorial:

Btw, the technique we used in this video (of leaving out the strands and adding them in later) can also be applied to a regular french braid or dutch braid. At some point I hope to post a video of this because it actually turns out really neat. But as of right now we are completely backed up on videos lol. I have a handful sitting in drafts that I need to get posted, so it may be a little while. ;)