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Braided Headband - For Short Hair Too

Braid Headband:
A simple, quick and cute hairstyle.

braided headbandIf you are a regular visitor, you may have noticed that The Princess's hair is much shorter here. (No, we didn't cut her hair.) This hairstyle has actually been sitting on a "missing" card for a few years and was done right after we donated her hair to "Locks of Love." I was ecstatic to find this card which has many cute hairstyles that were never posted. YAY

To begin this style, you will want to make some "barbie bangs" by making a small part in the front and then take the hair on either side of the part and using water/gel slick it down behind her ears. (If you have bangs or fringe, you can skip this part.)
barbie bangsAfter you get the hair in the front smoothed down and arranged how you want it, bring the ends together in the back and tie together with a small elastic. (If your hair is not quite long enough to meet in the back, you could secure each side behind her ears instead.)
bangsNext, grab a small section of hair behind the Barbie Bangs - on the side of her head and braid. (You will want to make sure and leave some hair out in front and on top of this section to help hide the parts later.)
3 strand braidBring the braid over the top of her head to the other side and secure it in place by grabbing a small section of hair (behind the barbie bangs) and rubber band the braid/hair together. You could use bobby pins if you prefer, but elastic bands seem to hold better for us. This technique should work with fairly short hair! If you have longer hair, of course you could start the braid underneath her hair and bring it all the way around her head instead.
securing headbandAfter you have the braid secured, you will probably want to try and hide the rubber band and parts on the other side of her head. To accomplish this, we added some curls with our curling iron and strategically placed them in a way that covered both where the braid started and ended. In the picture below, you can see that the first 3 curls we made are curled towards her face to help cover the rubber band.
plaited headbandAnd, the same curling technique was used on the other side to hide where the braid started.....
headband braidWe actually used this style for her picture day hairstyle at school one year. I love the simplicity and classic look of it.
picture day hairstyleA side note: I can't get over how much she has grown up and how long her hair has gotten since this picture was taken. Everyone always says it, but it's true! They grow up so fast!!
braided headband with curlsHope you enjoyed our easy and quick hairstyle tutorial for short hair. Sometimes simple can be very cute! :)

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  1. I love it . ! Very cool . !

  2. Thats cool
    I will try it tomorrow

  3. Love this! I'm going to try and do this for my prom this weekend!

  4. I think that is the cutest hairstyle ever

  5. Awesome! So cute! Love it!

  6. Ok I don't get it��. I like it

  7. It is soooooooooo pretty!!!
    But do the curls stay in?

  8. Trying this for my fairy-costume for haloween :D

  9. very beautiful and pretty

  10. that is very beautiful im about to try it by ashley moore


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