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The Illusion Braid With Ribbon

A Multi-Strand Ribbon Braid

ribbon braidThis hairstyle is a variation of the Illusion Braid (which we posted a couple of weeks ago.) We absolutely loved the original braid but "the princess" is very active and we sometimes have trouble with bobby pins falling out of her hair. Some of you have commented on having this same problem. Well, our first illusion braid required bobby pins.... but this one does not. :) We have found that ribbon is a great solution for keeping this braid together as well as adding a pretty touch of color to the style! I'm thinking this would be a cute hairstyle for many different activities such as cheerleading, dance, sports, holidays, etc. You could switch up the color of the ribbon to suit the occasion. We have some heart patterned ribbon that we're thinking would be darling in this hairstyle for Valentine's Day.

Enjoy! (click here to watch directly on youtube.)

The plastic craft needle we used to string the ribbon through the braids in the video can be found in most craft stores. I have seen them at Walmart (in the craft section) for around a dollar as well. You could also use a "design weaver" if you have one, or even a regular sewing needle (be careful not to poke yourself if you do that though!)

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  1. I haven't tried this one yet, but thought the same thing about how I was going to keep bobby pins in my girlies hair. This looks like the perfect solution. Plus, it looks really cute too!

  2. I seen this hairstyle and with different titles but this hairstyle is truly cute and it even looks really nice on curly hair. It was a true hit at school. I love the ribbon in the braid as well. Thank you for sharing!

  3. When you talk about making a bow, some advice:

    1. For people whose bows always come out "crooked", this is because you're making a granny knot instead of a square knot (well, bow).

    Put a knot or a bead or a dab of paint on one end of the ribbon (or shoelace, for shoes). Whenever you have to cross it, make sure THAT END is the one on top. (So when you tie your bow, first you cross your right hand over your left, then you cross your left hand over your right.) It'll look neater AND be less likely to fall out.

    2. For active children, you might want to do a modified surgeon's knot as well. Follow the SAME ADVICE about making a square knot, but when you tuck your loop "through the hole" tuck it TWICE before pulling. That also will make the knot more secure.

    You can see videos of this advice over at - it's a lot more fascinating than you'd think!

  4. I love your video thanks so much for sharing. My daughter has lots of hair like that

  5. Brilliant! Since your last post of this both of my daughter's have worn this braid a couple of times. Their hair is really thin though so the braid isn't very wide, and the bobby pins either show or don't stay in. This will be an ingenious way to hold it together and add some pizzazz to it too. Since coming across your blog I do so much more with my girl's hair now. Last Sunday in church someone told my daughter she always has the prettiest hair of everyone in church, and it is all thanks to you. Can't wait to try this style Friday morning...with the ribbon!! :)

  6. ]
    its cute but can you give me a braid that actually like
    a spring ring?


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