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Gossip Girl Ponytail - Take 2!

Gossip Girl Hairstyles - The Blair Waldorf Twisty Ponytail...again

blair waldorf hairstylesPhoto courtesy Google

Have you ever completed something that just isn't your best "work" and you know you could have done better? Well, that's where I have been recently. Yes, we actually already posted this fancy ponytail tutorial a few months ago, you can find our first try here: Twisty Ponytail

Our first video turned out ok... but I wasn't completely happy with the end result. It was bugging me! We have since experimented with the style a bit and have figured out a better way (in my opinion anyway.) I think the method we used this time around ends up looking more like the original Gossip Girl hairstyle.

Better, yes?
gossip girl hairI've been laughing that such a seemingly simple style has given me so much trouble. This has been a hard one! I would love to know exactly how the original style on Blair (Leighton Meester) was actually created.

Here's our second (and final try.) Enjoy!

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  1. I thought the same thing about this one when I tried it a few months ago! It looks so simple, but it is definitely a tricky one. I think for me it was that I was trying to make it twist and stay together, so it ended up tight, but the actual pony is nice and loose. Good job though- yours looks great, and definitely something that a real person could pull off. :)


  2. My daughter and I love to watch these tutorials together. Just now, I had to rewatch this video to remind me of the steps and as I followed along, so did my daughter. She LOVES pretending she's "the girl on the video."

  3. Very pretty! When I was a kid my mom would bring me to a styling salon just to have my hair fixed and yet you simply showed us how!

  4. Very pretty hair style. I really like it lot.

  5. Waiting for more :)

  6. cute! I wish my little sister hadn't cut her hair! Now I have to try and do these things on me and it isn't very easy. Especially this style. I know this is already your second time doing this style but do you think you could somehow make it easier to do on yourself? I would appreciate that. BTW: I love your blog. Looking at this blog all the time has actually inspired me. After college, I want to do hair for weddings and proms and such. Do you think you have any fancy schmancy hairstyles up your sleeve?
    Thank you!
    Adios! --Jessica

  7. I Wnt 2 Du Dat On Ma Hair!! ): Miss Ma Lonqq Hair!!

  8. Ohhh emmm geeeee! so frustrated right now! i simply click on this video to learn how to do this really cute do but i encounter a delay everytime! i click on the video and it does not play !! Someone pleaaaseee help !!!! D:

  9. Anybody out there???? LOL !!!!!! :p help.... :(

  10. Awesome ponytail hairstyles i really love it and love to have it !
    These all hairstyles are good and can be copied for the bridals !
    This can be used as wedding hairstyles for the bridals to look stunning !

  11. It kinda looks like in Gossip Girl, they did beach waves kind of then did the pony. Turned out great though!


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