Jan 12, 2012

The Illusion Braid

A unique braided ponytail

unique braidThis braided ponytail is inspired by a request sent in from one of our Youtube subscribers (Rachel.) You can find the beautiful original braid/hairstyle we are trying to recreate by clicking here: Unique Braid

When I first saw the photo of this hairstyle, the plaiting looked very complicated with 6 strands! I had to study the braid for quite awhile (and actually felt quite silly afterwards) when I figured out how the braid was created. As you can see from our video, this is actually a very easy and quick hairstyle. Hence the name "illusion braid." Enjoy!

braiding tutorialVideo braiding tutorial:

I'm thinking this is a style that most everyone can do (although you will need fairly long hair to complete the braid.) We would love to see pictures on our facebook page if you try it!