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Braid Wrapped Bun

A Braid Wrapped Around A Messy, Piecey Bun - Updo Hairstyles
This braided updo would be great for a special occasion such as prom, a dance, church, communion, wedding, flower girl, homecoming, recital, ballet, etc.

I love the look of the braid wrapping around the bun. I first saw this style on "Goldilocksnme" (which is sadly no longer on the net) and thought it was so darling, I had to try it! Their bun turned out very pretty and elegant.

The braiding technique used in creating this bun is called "perimeter braiding." This is basically the same technique we used to create the carousel braid in one of our former hairstyling videos (which btw can also be used to make a bun... it turns out really cute.)
Depending on how you place the braids, the bun can be shaped in a variety of ways. We were going for a round shaped chignon with sort of a messy look to it. You could definitely make this hairstyle more polished and sophisticated looking if you prefer.
As you will see in our video, you could easily make this into a heart shaped bun that would be a perfect Valentine's Day hairstyle!

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  1. That is way CUTE! Thanks for posting!

    1. my cousin tried it the video looked better but it was for her doing it her self with no mirror in a dark room

  2. You are brilliant! I've followed your blog for a while and have used many of your hairstyles. Thank you for taking the time to make your videos and share your knowledge!

  3. Hi, thank you for the mention! I've updated my post and linked back to your video tutorial because it's easier to follow imho. Hope that's ok. Your braided bun came out beautifully!

  4. Absolutely GORGEOUS!! Both you and GDL did a great job on those styles. I'm going to have to try it on my girls... :)


  5. This is a great style, both of them are gorgeous.

  6. Thanks for the compliments, all! And Goldilocks, thanks so much!

  7. Hi - I think this is great - I tried this hairstyle on myself, but my hair is MUCH longer than your daughters so it turned out quite different yet gorgeous! I think I'll do this for prom and it only took me ten minutes! Thanks

  8. I stumbled upon this blog on google looking for a new hairst lye for school.. I absolutely love this one :)

  9. I have extremely mixed feeling about this one. I absolutely LOVE the hairstyle, and it was SO easy to do!! On the other hand, it's dreadfully hard to explain and everyone and their cousin asks how you did it! GRR!
    Anyways, AMAZING haristyle, so cute!! LOVE IT!! Totally doing it next week for church!! And maybe for my piano recital, and that thing I have in March...

  10. Love your blog! I read it instead of my mom, then tell her how to do it! I'm having this one for my birthday ;)

  11. i love all your hairstyles! we did a couple already. we posted pics on your FB page! :)

  12. I couldn't wait to try this after I found it this week. This morning after a sleepover I had an eager volunteer and it turned out great! I shared your site with her mom!

  13. Its absolutely gorgeous!!!! Im always using your website for ideas how to make hair for parties!!! Thanks for your hard job and sharing with us!!! :))

  14. I Really LOVE THAT!!


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