Jan 19, 2012

Braid Wrapped Bun

A Braid Wrapped Around A Messy, Piecey Bun - Updo Hairstyles
This braided updo would be great for a special occasion such as prom, a dance, church, communion, wedding, flower girl, homecoming, recital, ballet, etc.

I love the look of the braid wrapping around the bun. I first saw this style on "Goldilocksnme" (which is sadly no longer on the net) and thought it was so darling, I had to try it! Their bun turned out very pretty and elegant.

The braiding technique used in creating this bun is called "perimeter braiding." This is basically the same technique we used to create the carousel braid in one of our former hairstyling videos (which btw can also be used to make a bun... it turns out really cute.)
Depending on how you place the braids, the bun can be shaped in a variety of ways. We were going for a round shaped chignon with sort of a messy look to it. You could definitely make this hairstyle more polished and sophisticated looking if you prefer.
As you will see in our video, you could easily make this into a heart shaped bun that would be a perfect Valentine's Day hairstyle!