Nov 12, 2011

Waterfall Twist Braid

Waterfall French Braid... With A Twist!
waterfall french braidWe love the regular waterfall braid (or fairytale / floating braid) and as you've probably noticed, we like to play around with it and try different waterfall variations. This "waterfall twist braid" is quickly becoming one of our favorite variations!

As you'll notice in our video tutorial, this technique is very easy and simple. This is a waterfall braid made without actually braiding at all, but twisting instead.
Same braid but doubled up just for fun, the same way we did our "double faux waterfall braid."
waterfall twist braid doublePS Keep an eye out for a very fun and unique style using this braid coming soon!

*In case you are wondering, the clips we used in this hairstyle are made by Conair.