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The Braided Part - A Mostly Down Hairstyle

How To Braid Your Bangs... With A Tweek. The "Braided Part" Hairstyle.
front braid hairstyleThis fun braided hairstyle is a variation of one of our hairstyle posts from the past: Braided Bangs With A Tweek Ponytail. This is the "hair mostly down" version. We're calling it the "Braided Part Hairstyle" because the braid is right where the part would normally be!
long curly hairAnd wow, isn't her hair getting long again? It has actually grown back quite quickly since her Locks Of Love cut!

Btw, In case you are wondering about the curls, we used our regular old curling iron to create them. You can find a video showing the method we used here: Curing Iron Ringlets
braided fringeWe love braided bangs hairstyles (or fringe depending on where you're from.) The princess probably wears the hair in the front of her head in some type of braid or twist at least once a week!

Starting the french braid at the back of the head instead of the usual position in the front (like we did with this style) just adds a little something special. :)
braided bangsThis hairstyle would be cute on any age. A hairstyle for little girls - up to adults, and everything in between in my opinion.

The video tutorial. Enjoy!

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  1. There is something about this that I really like. Very nice.

  2. Hi,

    Very nice, interesting and original hairstyle.
    I also like the curls, really cute.
    Thanks a lot for sharing !

  3. The hairstyles are all so unique - well done. I tried to use one of your links to find the topsy tail (Jan. 2010 post) but the Amazon link didn't work. There are a lot of poor reviews for the differing topsy tail style products - which exact one you have that works so well? Thanks!

  4. Hi Nikki,
    I would recommend the Conair or Scunci topsy tail. I have heard the other cheaper brands break quite a bit. Good luck!

  5. hah that's such a coincidence, i just did my hair like this the other day :) it looked good, but totally different as i have a super short bob :L

  6. Girls Hair Styles play an important role to increase their beauty and look.

  7. You make beautiful hairvideos. I'll try this on my girls. I think they love it! Thanks for inspiration!


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