Sep 1, 2011

Waterfall Braid, Triple Braided Cheat Hairstyle

Waterfall Braiding, Cheater Style!

This cute and intricate hairstyle is super easy to complete. No french braiding skills required! You may remember awhile back when we posted our waterfall braid video "cheat" showing how to do a waterfall braid, floating braid, or fairytale braid (whatever you call this fun braid) using a topsy tail to pull the hair through the braid (instead of french braiding.) This is a variation of that hairstyle, just taken up a notch.... or 3.
waterfall french braidsThis style would work well with long hair or medium length hair. I think this princess hair style would be great for a renaissance faire (very "Maid Marian.") This may even be a cute style for prom, homecoming or other dance. My daughter thought it looked a little bit like a crown braid when we were done.

Btw, we found the "design weaver" used in this video online here: Scunci - Design Weaver

triple waterfall braidOf course, if you have the time and talent... you could definitely do 3 regular waterfall french braids and actually braid everything together if you would prefer!

Here's the video tutorial, enjoy!

The princess and I are both loving boho, hippie type braided styles lately. :)