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Tiny French Braids - Baby Hairstyles

French Braiding, For Babies

I wasn't sure if our Pea had enough hair for a french braid, but decided to try it one day. Turns out you really don't need that much hair at all to make it work! I've found that inside-out braids are faster for me to do, so that's what I've been sticking with. Don't worry about making your braids perfect on a squirmy baby, that's just not realistic. Just work as fast as you can and hope for the best. :)

Here are just a few styles we have done using tiny french braids:

I think this double french braid is my favorite style on her!
baby braided hairstyleOne french braid across the front:
baby girl hairstyleA braid with pigtails: (This was actually the second day for this braid, it held up pretty well!)
tiny braid with pigtailsOne diagonal braid:
baby french braidAnd, a braid on each side:
2 braids
french braids for babyWe've had a few people ask how old she is; She's 10, almost 11 months right now. And yes, she does have a ton of hair for her age. Please please don't tell me she's not a baby anymore. My heart can't take that. :) They grow up too fast!

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  1. my baby girl is going to be 3 on sunday..mother's day and i still call her my baby girl!! She is the only one i can have so i still consider her my baby so don't worry about it she can be a baby for as long as you consider her your baby :-)

  2. Those braids are just precious! I just can't get over how long your daughter's hair is though - my little girl is 19 months old and her hair isn't quite as long.

    Thanks for the ideas though! LOVE the baby posts!

  3. If I remember right she is your Nessie, so does having her around make you want another one of your own? She really is a doll I love her little grin.

  4. Anonymous, I agree. I still call my 4 yr old boy my baby lol.

    8 little monkeys, you are correct! She is my niece. I do love having her around but don't plan on having anymore of my own. We are done. :)

  5. This little baby is so adorable! I can't believe all of the hairstyles you've been able to do with her. That's amazing. And you must be a VERY fast braider!

  6. My daughter is just over two and she has had a full head of hair since the day she was born. Her hair is halfway down her back at this point and THICK!! I love trying out new styles on her as her hair gets long enough to do some of the ones you have on here!! She is my baby and always will be and your baby is super cute!!

  7. My first just turned 8 and I tell him he'll still be my baby when he's 80. My second is 5 and has so much hair her friends always make her Rapunzel when they play princesses. I wish I had thought of French braids when she was little, we had lots of clips, which she always pulled out and tried to eat. Great idea and beautifully done. Oh and love those baby cheeks too.

  8. My baby girl just turned 40 and I still love doing her long black hair. I just love all the designs you come up with. And your children must be little darlings to sit long enough for you to do their hair. They are cuties!!

  9. How awesome! I cant french braid if my life depended on it XD I always blame it on my girls still having thin baby hair, but I guess you proved me wrong! Its not their hair its just me, o well I guess I just need to practice.

  10. how many kids you have??? the girls with short and long hair look completely opposite... how old are ur kids?

  11. i have hair envy!! and i'm sorry to say but she seems so much older than not quite a year. my 13.5 month old doesn't have even a tiny pony tail. :'( i'm anxiously awaiting the day she does. guess i just get to enjoy the big girls' hair for now.

  12. Just found your website and I am in heaven! I have 2 little girls- 3 and 2 months and I am getting sick of just ponytails and piggy tails but have never been that good at braiding. I am excited to try some of your stuff. I LOVE the videos BTW- perfect!
    Thanks for what you do! I will be following! ;)

  13. First of all, I've never commented, but I am a faithful follower of your website. Thanks for all the work you do and the amazing and fun hairstyles you give us! My daughter was all ponytails until I googled "how to flip a ponytail" one hot afternoon in 2009. :) At any rate, thanks!!

    Amber.hope - I also couldn't french braid for ANYTHING, until my daughter's friend asked me to do her My Generation Doll's hair. I sat there and talked to my friend and french braided and took it out, and french braided and took it out, over and over again. That was what my breakthrough took - a fake head of hair and some time and patience. Don't give up - now that I CAN french braid, it's become my stand-by! Good luck. :)

  14. anything under 14 months is still a baby ^_^

    And WOW.... she has about as much hair as my 4 year old! Still, I'm glad for some styles I can easily try & adapt for my Bug.

  15. This is good post and baby pictures is so nice and this baby so cute baby hair style is good.
    Thank you for sharing with us.

  16. I cannot wait for my baby to get enough hair to be able to do something with it!! Mine just turned 10 months!!


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