Feb 11, 2011

Baby Heart Hairstyle

Babies can have cute hairstyles for Valentine's Day too!

It's a challenge for our little sweet pea to hold still :) but this basic heart hairstyle only takes about 30 seconds to complete, so it's doable. We basically did this valentines hair style (minus the ribbon and on a smaller scale.)
baby valentine's hair style The trick to keeping this heart in place is all in the way the elastic is added at the bottom. As you can see in this image: Not only did I wrap the elastic around the 2 ends of the heart, but also added in some hair underneath to keep the heart from flopping around and coming undone.
baby heart hair style This concept is obviously nothing new, but looked so cute on her tiny head....... we just had to share!
infant girl heart hairWe didn't want our little pea to miss out on all the V-day hairstyle fun! I wasn't sure if we could get a heart to work and we barely had enough hair! But... we found out, it can be done. :)