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A New Haircut - For Me!

I've been growing out my hair for awhile now. It actually was getting fairly long, and well... I decided it was time for a change.

Here's what I looked like before the haircut (kinda.) I am a little too embarrassed to make an appearance on this blog, so my kids were kind enough to help me with some creative "editing." Apparently it looks like I have a small problem with some extra facial hair... I might need to look into that. :)


long straight hair long curly hair
(These before pictures were both taken awhile ago, but you get the idea.) My hair was on the longer side, about halfway down my back. Unlike the princess, my hair is naturally wavy/curly like the photo on the right.

bob haircut layered bob haircut
I'm not sure if this specific cut has an official name, but I would say it's a mix between a Bob Haircut, and an A-Line Haircut with layers. Maybe a Graduated Bob? A typical "mom cut."

Although it's a little shorter than I had planned on, I'm loving how fast and easy this new haircut is to style! My only complaint is that I pretty much have to straighten it every day now, or it shrivels up into a frizzy ball. :)

So, what do you think?

Whould you like to comment?

  1. Love it! I chopped my (similar) hair in a blunt bob. Maybe some tutorials on your hair?

  2. Looks adorable! Love the color too.

    I have the same darn wavy hair... so obnoxious! I decided this morning that I was no longer going to use my cheap flat iron, it's time for an investment... the chi!

  3. Super cute! Looks great!

  4. Can you explain how you did it? I want to cut it myself in a similar way.. but I don't know how to start :(

  5. It looks super cute! I cut mine a month or so ago, and I have had such a hard time with my mom-dos now! I'm starting to get used to it, but mine is like yours- wavy and thick, so if I don't straighten it, it's super fuzzy too. Anyway, love the cut!

    -Rachel from Redpunzel

  6. Love it! The color looks great too!

  7. Hey hun, the cut is called the inverted bob. I am a stylist, and this is one of our most popular cuts right now. It is very easily cared for, and looks great on just about any face frame. It looks beautiful!

  8. That looks perfect. You have a lot of courage to experiment which I really dont have. i have the similar kinda hair just like what you had before. your pictures are really encouraging.

  9. Love to the cut and color!

    For my fellow wavy/curly hair friends,
    The less you play with your hair the better. Right after showering, dab your hair to stop the drops, brush into your style, put a dab of conditioner in your palm, rub together and then add it to your very wet hair, do so by starting near the top of your hair and quickly run your fingers and down the strands, rub your hands together to get more conditioner on your fingers and repeat, then once you've done that grab the ends of your hair and rub them into your palms. Then, use a smoothing complex (I use Silky Hair Frizz Eliminator Lite - I have fine hair), and add like the conditioner above. Give your hair a quick little shake with your fingers. Let it dry, don't touch it until it is completely dry, then shake it out again with your fingers. It will look great and no frizz!
    *If you have some bangs like I do, you can quickly blow them and it will not bother the rest of your hair. :)

    *Best of all, the 2nd day...all you have to do is spritz your hair with water and scrunch a bit, it will look as good as the day before.

  10. Love it! Deffinatly an inverted bob, as for the wavey hair, have a staightening treatment on it. There is a product named 'GLATT' that does these treatments & friendly to the hair (equivalent to a perm).

  11. Whatever the official name, it is CUTE!

  12. i have that same cut and my hair has the same curl/wave as yours. i straighten it a lot, but have left it curly a bit lately and just pulled up a bit in the front (the bump we used to call it). i just gel it and blow dry partially while scrunching with my hands and then spray it and i don't have the frizz. big fan of the products to eliminate frizz. the cut is adorable on you. enjoy it!

  13. Very cute! Although, I think it would have been cuter without the editing, lol

  14. Love it Kori, but you should have left the pictures with you in it. You are wonderful!!! And cute as a bug!

  15. I believe it's called an A-cut. *shrugs* In any case it's very cute.

    LOL! I just cut my hair, too! Check it out on my blog. I cut 12 inches and it's still long. Heheheh.


  16. Love it! And the color! I cut off a foot of hair awhile back and for the first time (I do that all the time, let it grow then cut it) I don't miss my long hair. :) You look great with the facial hair BTW! LOL

  17. It's very cute!!! For the record, it took me a loooooooooong time to put my picture out there. When I started going to conferences and people met me, I just gave up and did it.

  18. I think it looks adorable! The cut is great and the color is very nicely done! I am a stylist with fairly curly hair... so here is my best advice for you. Streghtening is great - once in a while - doing it too much is going to stress your hair and make the frizz problem even worse! The best thing you could do for your curl is to get a great product - I love the Bed Head Foxy Curls - you need to start with the shampoo and conditioner and then you will have a good basis for your curls to rock with. You can then use their leave in spray or the Contour Cream (this works best in my opinion) and then do as the other poster stated and try to let it dry on it's own before you mess with it too much. I think your curls were beautiful... so show them off!!

    AND... I would love to see more pictures... but with your whole self in them!!

  19. Looks awesome ... You're so funny with the faces your kids helped create! Glad I really know what you look like though! ;-)

  20. LOVE it! I cut off my mid-back length hair too, only shorter, got a long-ish pixie cut and absolutely love having short hair. I have four kids, and I feel like I can look great in a quarter of the time :D But I love having a new hair something everything two months too, won't look like this for long!! I love the color you did in it too.

  21. I love it! and the color. I have to pay for my curls. I just cut the last of my perm off. back to frumpy :(
    Faythe @GMT~


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