Jan 11, 2011

Basket Weave Hairstyle Video

One of our all time favorite hairstyles is the Basket Weave Hairstyle that we posted a couple of years ago. Anytime we make this hairdo, the princess always gets lots of compliments and attention. And... it really is surprisingly easy to make. :)

We've had quite a few requests for a video tutorial and we finally got around to making one!

woven hairstye
basket weave hairdo When we do this hairstyle, I like to make curls with the hair that is left down. It seems to help keep the weaving in place and looks more finished as well. Besides that, what could be cuter than a little girl with ringlets? ringlet curls Here's the video tutorial:
The weaving tool used in this video is part of the Design Weaver Toolkit

We usually save this hairstyle for special occasions (church, recitals, weddings) it's really beautiful but it's not a hairdo that will hold up very nicely to rough playing or recess/school.

P.S. Click the following link for another popular basket weave hairstyle!