Feb 8, 2010

Triple Heart For Short Hair Too!

I'm thinking this Valentine's hair style might even work for those of you with short hair cuts as well as long! Well, probably not shorter than a bob (let's be realistic) but fairly short hair! :)
You could do lots of variations with this one as well. This would be darling with just one heart, or two, or maybe you could fit four? You could even make a second row of hearts underneath, or finish it off with some pigtails. The options are endless!
Anyway, make as many sections as you want across the side of her head and secure with elastics towards the bottom of the sections.In each of the sections, do a reverse pull through (going up through the bottom instead of over the top of the section.) Lay the ends of the ponytails out of the way and make three more little sections underneath.
Split the hair in the pull throughs in half and twist each piece. You'll want to twist the section on the right clockwise and the section on the left counter clockwise. (So that both pieces are twisting away from the middle.)Form a heart shape and secure the ends together with another elastic over the ponytail directly underneath.All three hearts completed.....Of course, add some curls if you want!

In case you're wondering, I created these curls using our regular old curling iron. Remember those? We haven't used ours much since we discovered flat irons. It was feeling neglected. :)
A video tutorial was requested for this style recently, so here it is: