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French Braided Heart

Yet another Valentines Day post from 2009. I need to hurry if I'm going to fit all of these in!! I still have a few more I want to post before the big day.....we'll see if I can find the time.

Oh and is it just my biased mom vision, or are her eyes extremely beautiful in this picture? Gosh I'm glad her daddy passed those genes on!!
cute girl hairstyle Ok, back to hair. I didn't do step by step pics for this one. It's basically this heart hairstyle, just French Braided instead of Elastic Braided.
heart made out of french braids
french braid heart french braided heart
french braid heart hairstyle Gotta love the wet hair here. Yep, we have those days too. A LOT~! The next day I left the braids in and pulled everything else back into a messy bun. It looked adorable. I should have taken pictures, but I didn't. Anyway, that's another option with this hairstyle.

Whould you like to comment?

  1. her eyes ARE gorgeous... and this hairstyle makes me realize I DEFINITELY need to work on my french braiding skill... because I like this better than doing it with puffy-braids...

    fortunately, I don't think my daughter's hair is long enough for this yet, so I should have time to get better at it by the time it is... aka.. next year!

  2. Her eyes are BEAUTIFUL!!! Cute 'do. Please visit my hair blog:

  3. I can do the regular french braid, I just cannot figure out the inside out one! Ahhhh! I want to do it so badly!

  4. Oh, so pretty! I'd love to do this on one of my curly girls.

  5. I work on french braiding. The problem is I don't have any one patient enough to work on!

  6. So awesome, i have loved all of your heart ideas. I seriously could not do my daughters hair without your blog.
    Do you have any simple ideas for mom hair???

  7. I want to try that for myself too. so pretty. Your daughter is very pretty too ^^

  8. Your daughter could do beauty pageants with these hairstyles. She's gorgeous!

  9. I did a variation of this: With an inside out french braid, you can add hair only to one side and that way you can cover up the part with the braid. I think it looks nicer that way. Then I wrapped the ribbon around the whole heart braid. Very cute. Lots of complements.


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