Feb 12, 2010

Ribbon Heart Half Ponytail Hairstyle

This will most likely be our last Valentine's Day Hairstyle post this year. (Even though it was actually done last year.) I think it's my favorite one too. Simple and sweet. :)
heart hairstyle
Make a half pony. Split in half and braid each side.
Form a heart shape. I didn't do step by step instructions for the sewing. Go to this sewn heart hairstyle if you need help with that. Start at the bottom, by the elastic and just wrap the ribbon around the braid until you get up to the point where the heart is sitting on top of the half pony. That is where you start the actual sewing. Grab as much hair with your stitches as you can because the ribbon at the top is holding the heart onto her head and also forming the shape.
So, in this picture only the top 8 stitches (4 on each side) are actually sewn to her hair. The rest of the ribbon is just wrapped around the braid on each side. Does that make any sense?ribbon heart hair
valentines ribbon hairdo

This one was fairly quick. We were done in 12 minutes.