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Ribbon Braids Heart Hair

A fun new Valentines hair style!valentines day hairstyle Using a ribbon as one of the strands, make a braid on each side of her head.
Band the 2 braids together at the back of her head with a clear elastic. (Keep the elastic fairly loose, as you will need room to bring the braids back through it.)
Pull the braids straight up.....
And bring both ends of the braids back down through the elastic to form a heart shape.
Secure the heart with a couple of bobby pins to keep it in place and tie a bow with the ends of the ribbons.heart hairstyle with ribbons
heart braid
heart in hair In case you are wondering..... yes, these are her pajamas. Her favorite pajamas actually! She slept with this hairstyle in and we curled the rest of it in the morning. It held up great and saved us time in the morning!little girl hairdo
A little warning: You're going to need fairly long hair to do this hairstyle. The Princess's hair is almost to the middle of her back and I barely had enough length to form the heart.

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  1. My dd has school at 7:40 and we dont want to get up any earlier than 6:30 so I bought a silk shower cap ( I think it is really called a sleeping cap) for a few bucks at walgreens. I put it in my dds hair before bed and it works wonders for keeping her hair in place. I recomend getting one!! I love ours!!!

  2. That is absolutely gorgeous!!! My daughter would just LOVE if I could do this in her hair!!! I am going to try!!! Thanks for sharing

  3. i love ur site & i love tha hair styles sooo much..i dont have any children but i have lil cousin who hair i try these styles on but i hope ur site is around yrs from now when i decide to have children even tho i dont want any lil girls but these hair styles make me want a lil girl loll

  4. wow! this is soooo gorgeous! this is my first time here and i love it!


  5. Ryan Family,
    Thanks for the tip! I'll have to look for one of those!!

  6. How cute! If you have shorter hair, you could skip the heart and stop after you band the briads together.

  7. how long does each ribbon have to be?


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