Jan 29, 2010

Double Heart Hairstyle

Another fun Valentines hairdo from the past:
double heart hairstyle
Start by making a diagonal part from one side in front of her ear, to the other side behind her ear. Do an upside down pull-through with this section. Split in half, and braid each piece.

Make another diagonal section below the first one with the ponytail more towards the middle of her head this time.
Do an upside down pull-through in this section as well.
Form a heart with the braids in the first section and band together at the bottom with an elastic. Shove the ends through the middle of the pull-through in the second section until the elastic is hidden. Split the second section in half. Braid each section and form another heart. Bring everything together at the bottom into a side pony.Add a bow if you want. I got this bow here. (It actually matched the first shirt we had on today, not so much now.)
valentines heart hairstyle
double heart hairstyle For a simpler version (which I actually prefer.) Follow the same steps above, just make one heart and 2 sections instead of 3. We did this as a side pony, you could center it and make a regular pony if you prefer. braided heart hairstyle
braided heart
cute little girls hairstyle