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Double Heart Hairstyle

Another fun Valentines hairdo from the past:
double heart hairstyle
Start by making a diagonal part from one side in front of her ear, to the other side behind her ear. Do an upside down pull-through with this section. Split in half, and braid each piece.

Make another diagonal section below the first one with the ponytail more towards the middle of her head this time.
Do an upside down pull-through in this section as well.
Form a heart with the braids in the first section and band together at the bottom with an elastic. Shove the ends through the middle of the pull-through in the second section until the elastic is hidden. Split the second section in half. Braid each section and form another heart. Bring everything together at the bottom into a side pony.Add a bow if you want. I got this bow here. (It actually matched the first shirt we had on today, not so much now.)
valentines heart hairstyle
double heart hairstyle For a simpler version (which I actually prefer.) Follow the same steps above, just make one heart and 2 sections instead of 3. We did this as a side pony, you could center it and make a regular pony if you prefer. braided heart hairstyle
braided heart
cute little girls hairstyle

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  1. OH MY! That is cute. I wonder if my lil one's hair is long enough to do this.

    We got it cut over the summer.

  2. Really pretty! My daughter saw this and declared she wants me to do her hair like this on the wedding we are attending next summer. Cool idea for a flower girl!!

  3. So pretty... either way you do it.

    I think I'll try that one out today (before I try the two others from your blog I have reserved for valentine day hairdos) after I give my daughter her bath... she's feeling better (she's been sick) and wants her hair pretty.

  4. I love the second one with the silver ribbon. So elegant!

  5. I can't wait to try the heart on Valentine's day. Your princess is absolutely adorable!

  6. well, for those of you who have kids whose hair is just 1-2" below the shoulder (aka... my daughter's hair) - the verdict is NO on the two hearts.

    I figured it would be and tried to talk her into the bottom one... but she insisted she wanted two hearts...

    now here is where the verdict gets complicated... because I think if I'd made them each shorter from top to bottom (the hearts ended up really skinny) I could have done three on her head... BUT... with her bangs not fully grown yet (only to just above the jaw), that complicates it and makes it a worse option for US than doing two.

    So what I'm saying is... if you have the shorter hair, do one OR three... depending on preference and if your child has bangs she's growing out. (though I honestly think if I could figure out a way to hide the bangs, still keeping them off her head, it would work to do three.

    Hope others (and our creative blogger) find this info helpful.

  7. Thanks for being our tester Kat!! Great info. You'll have to let us know how it works out with just the one heart.

  8. Very cute--- Beans hair is almost long enough to do something like this, but that means we will probably be donating to locks of love before we get to try :( I'll just admire yours :)

  9. I've done this exact hairstlye on my daughter before, got so many comments! I also do a variation with the heart up the top and then the second pony tail i do an upside down topsy tail.

  10. Oh my goodness! How cute is that??? I'm trying it now with my Princess...

  11. Just stumbled upon your site today and let me tell you it is gorgeous. Really inspiring and you daughter is beautiful. Keep up the good work!

  12. For the last three of so years, I have been going camping with other girls in my area and every year I do all of the other girls hair, I will have to put this hairstyle (as well as many others) on my sheet of 'hairstyles that I can do' list! Thanks for all of your post keep 'em coming!


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