Feb 2, 2010

Quick and Easy Heart Ponytail

Here's another fun V-Day hairstyle from last year.....

A Valentine style that is quick and easy! This one took me 8 minutes and that's including the time it took to curl the pony!!5 minute heart braid
Step 1. A simple pull through on top.
2. Make a low pony (leaving the hair from the pull through out) and do 2 braids with the top half of the hair in the pony. 3. Bring the braids up and position them into the shape of a heart. When you get them the right length on both sides, secure them together with an elastic.
4. Secure the heart onto the hair from the pony on top with another elastic.
5. Now, add one more elastic at the base of the pony to keep everything together.
Add a bow if you want. I just used some spare ribbon I had hanging around the house and tied a bow with each piece.
5 minute heart hairdo
easy heart hairstyle
quick valentines hairstyle The steps for this one are simple but hard to explain in words. If you are having trouble with this hairstyle (or more likely my explanation lol) click here for an instructional video.