Dec 7, 2009

Christmas Hairstyle - The Present

Here's the look we're going for ....... :)

christmas present graphic
A cute and easy holiday hairstyle!

To begin, make 3 regular braids, nothing fancy.

Side view.....
Tie all the braids together in the back with an elastic. Then, thread a ribbon onto a plastic needle and bring it up through the elastic to begin sewing.Sew the ribbon across the braid on the left, stopping at the top of the braid......Now heading back in the opposite direction, sew across the braid again, back to the elastic.Sew up and down the braid in the middle and the braid on the right. The end of the ribbon should now be back to the elastic again.Tie the ends of the ribbon into a knot (so that it won't come undone) and add a cute bow to finish off the "package." christmas hair Of course if you wanted to, you could just braid the ribbon right into the braids instead of sewing the ribbon on. That might be quicker. Whatever you prefer!
holiday hairstyle
Christmas Hairstyle She makes such a cute present!
hair styles for girls
Oh and by the way.... My blogging friend (Trisha) over at purchased our new hairstyling book last week and wrote up a fun post about it. She even modified one of our hairstyles from the book to try out on her cute daughter and did a great job! I love getting feedback and it's fun to see our little book highlighted on her amazing blog for mommy bloggers! To see what she has to say, and her cute version of one of our hairstyles, go here: