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The Hairpiece Hairstyle

I'm sure most everyone has seen these hairpieces around. My daughter refers to them as "fake hair" lol. Anyway, I've always thought of them as being a little weird and didn't really consider buying one. But, we ended up having to get one for her little dance group because they wanted everyone's hair to look the same. Well, I've been sold! Both The Princess and myself have been using it a lot since! (Luckily we have similar hair color.) It's just a quick, effortless way to do your hair!!

I love messy buns, but the longer her hair gets, the harder it is for me to make one. This is so much easier. And so fast on school mornings!

Just pull the hair into a ponytail and wrap it all up into a bun. The best part is, you don't even need to worry much about what it looks like. The hair piece will cover up any little pokies or mistakes. I just wrapped a clear elastic around the bun and left the ends out where they wanted to go. This literally took me less than a minute and no bobby pins were involved. :)

The hairpiece we got is from Sally Beauty Supply and is called the Revlon Ponytail Swirlz Hairpiece for $7.99. They also have one called The Twister, but the color we wanted wasn't available at the store we went to. I've seen these all over though, not just at Sally's.
hairpiece Anyway, it's super easy. You just wrap it around the bun a couple of times like you would a scrunchy and you're good to go. This is great for people with shorter hair too, like me. There was one morning I had to be somewhere and didn't have time to blow dry and straighten my hair. So I put my hair into a quick bun (which normally would look ridiculous and make me look pretty much bald) then threw this hairpiece in and actually looked somewhat presentable! If you have a little girl with short hair, this would be an easy way to make it look longer and fuller in lots of different hairstyles.

Here she is with her bun on the side and the hairpiece put in....
messy bunquick bun
hairstyle for girls 2 minutes and she's ready for school!

Whould you like to comment?

  1. I've thought about getting one of those. It really adds a lot to the hairstyle and makes it look more done in my opinion. Your princess has such a cute smile!

  2. I've never tried any of the "fake hair" but it's super cute! I love the flower in her hair too :)

  3. Do you think this would stay in for ballet? I have only shoulder length hair to work with, and buns never tend to work for me. I think it looks super cute on the princess, especially with the flower.

  4. I've got 5 hairpieces that match my hair but the two different scrunchies are my favorite. They look real and my hair can be done in 3 minutes flat. My little princess likes her hairpieces to have a little color . . . pink, purple etc. They are really fun to add it as well for a little funk. We did it first for a birthday at Libby Lous - they added in the hairpiece into the flower bun. Then we had professional pictures taken at Target. It was fun.

  5. kittyhairpins,

    This held up to 1st grade recess, so I think it would be okay for ballet, lol. You could add a couple bobby pins to help secure it a little more if you wanted to.

    Amie, I might have to find one with some color. The princess would love that! I've seen some with little braids added as well. Cute!

  6. Oh I'm so glad you did this. I thought I was the only one who'd stoop to using fake hair! =) We have several of these - both for my daughter and for me - and we LOVE them. It's so easy, and IF you get a good color match, no one knows!

    The smaller scrunchies are also handy to use inside a bun like a donut!

  7. charlotte has so much hair this is one i dont need!


  8. Adorable! we used to have one for my daughter but she lost it! lol Guess it's time to get a new one and try out your design!


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